Fall in love with China in Hainan | A Belarusian dedicated to promoting Hainan to the world

Editor's Note: The year of 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the past 7 decades, plenty of foreigners have come to China and visited Hainan. Working and settling down in this ancient but more and more open country, they have fallen in love with China.

Fall in Love with China in Hainan, a Chinese-English bilingual video program specially planned by Hainan International Media Center and Hinews International Media Center, will tell the stories of four foreign friends working and living in Hainan. Through their stories with Hainan, the achievements Hainan has made in terms of culture, economy, science and technology, people’s livelihood, education and business environment are well reflected, presenting Hainan’s wisdom and inclusiveness in the construction of Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics.

In the past 7 decades, a beautiful, harmonious and opening China, along with a brand new and promising Hainan, is embracing all the friends around the world.

Welcome to Hainan!

"China has changed a lot. I like to live in Hainan. I want to build a bridge between China and Belarus to let more people know about these two countries," said Max, from Belarus, whose Chinese name is Kang Jinsheng. He was born in 1980, which was the year of the monkey based on Chinese zodiac. Inspired by the Chinese classics Journey to the West, he started to learn Chinese and called himself "Kang Wukong", a name modeled after Monkey King, to promote the exchange between the two countries. Later he came to China's Hainan and established Hainan SemProGroup Culture Communication Co. Ltd. and "Hainan Life", a social platform presenting a refreshing aspect of Hainan and China to the people in the Russian-speaking countries.

Inspired by Monkey King and settled down in Hainan, China

Usually wearing a T-shirt with the words of "Envoy of China-Belarus exchanges", Max, tall and with an European appearance, can speak fluent Mandarin. It was the "Monkey King" that enlightened him to learn Chinese.

Max's father is a botanist who specializes in how to discover petroleum through plants. For his reputation, many students came to visit him to learn the knowledge, among which a Chinese student led Max to a brand new world.

"When I was young, it was hard to find books for children in stores. Therefore, I really enjoyed the Monkey King comics that the Chinese students of my father brought from China," said Max.He grew up during the period of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which was a needy time. He was in the age of learning knowledge, but the scarce book resources could not meet his need. Fortunately, the father's Chinese students came from afar and sent him a series of books that were beautiful and elaborated, which brought him into a magic Chinese world of mythology. In Journey to the West, Monkey King wears gold armor and crown, flying across the blue sky while skillfully playing with a golden hoop sticks. However, Max couldn't understand Chinese then, and he came to the Chinese for help, asking them to translate the contents word by word for him. In the book, Monkey King shows the personality of rebellious, pursuit of freedom, hatred of evil and the sense of justice, which left a deep impression on Max. When he learned that his zodiac sign was the same as the animal image of Monkey King, he developed a great interest in Chinese culture.

"I want to be a person like him who is powerful and full of justice," Max set a goal for himself and began to learn Chinese at the age of 8, looking forward to going to China for learning Chinese traditional culture in the future.

In 2004, he came to Beijing alone to learn Chinese, living in an environment of authentic Beijing culture. After graduation, he then came to Kunming, an inland place with satisfying climate. However, dreaming to live by the sea since he was young, Max wants to settle down in a coastal city.

In 2012, he visited Hainan for the first time. Enjoying the sea breeze and beautiful seascape, he found that Haikou was an ideal coastal city he wanted to live in. Therefore, in 2013, he chose to settle down in Haikou.

Max and his future Chinese wife.

Try his best to promote Hainan to the world

"Haikou is a romantic place. I met my future wife and my work goes smoothly here. I hope that other friends can also enjoy everything fantastic here," said Max. After coming to Hainan, Max has yielded the harvest in his career and love. And his success in career may mainly benefit from the good business environment, the promoted international tourism, and the construction of international tourism consumption center in Hainan.

"When I first came to Hainan, I found that most of Russians gathered in Sanya. Some people even simply equaled Sanya with Hainan. But I wanted to let them know about more cities in Hainan," Max told reporters that limited information about Hainan was provided for Russian tourists, so they just traveled to Sanya in Hainan. In his view, other cities in Hainan are also attractive and are worth visiting. Since 2015, he has built a platform called "Hainan Life", which integrates social activities, news and promotion information, providing channels for people in Russian-speaking countries to understand Hainan. On this platform, people from Russian-speaking countries living in Hainan can describe something about Hainan based on their personal experience. At the same time, Russian audiences can also learn more about China and Hainan through this platform. The past five years have witnessed the growing influence of the platform, and Hainan has gained popularity in the Russian-speaking countries.

The Platform of Hainan Life.

In the process of the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics, it is essential to optimize the business environment, which offers some benefits to Max's business in Hainan. In March 2018, he founded Hainan SemProGroup Culture Communication Co. Ltd. in Hainan Ecological Software Park, a provincial "multi-regulation" reform pilot park. The Park is built to promote pilot measures of reform, combine with relevant departments so as to improve the administrative services efficiency, the business environment, and help more domestic and foreign Internet companies enter the province. With the help of the staff, Max handed in the relative documents in the morning, and just got the business license in the afternoon. He was amazed by the efficiency of the "one-stop" approval service.

Max founded the company of Hainan SemProGroup Culture Communication Co. Ltd. in Hainan.

In addition to the optimized business environment, Max thinks life in Hainan is becoming increasingly convenient. "In the past, we can only go to the window to buy high-speed train tickets. But now we can buy them online," Max was quite excited when talking about this. In the past, it was inconvenient for foreigners in Hainan to buy bullet train tickets. Fortunately, Hainan's government held a meeting, focusing on solving this problem. Now foreigners in Hainan can purchase the tickets online by using their passports. After that, he often collects the problems to be solved reflected by the foreign friends on his platform and conveys them to relevant departments, to create a more friendly international environment for Hainan.

As the number of Russian tourists is going to exceed 300,000 this year, Belarus has set up many cooperation and exchange projects with China. Cities in Hainan and the ones in Belarus are discussing to sign friendly regional agreements with each other, which is considered as a good start in Max's view. Now Max is dedicated to promoting international exchanges and communications between Hainan and Russian-speaking countries, and tries to build the company into the largest Russian platform on introducing the tourism resources and promoting human resources, attracting more tourists and talents to visit Hainan.

The government delegates from Grodno Region, Belarus come to Hainan and sign an intention agreement with Hainan provincial government.

Max is a "China Hand". He loves Chinese food and is about to become a Chinese son-in-law. In order to follow the customs, he creates unique Chinese names for himself and his company respectively with the hope that everything in China can go smoothly. Having settled down and fell in love with Haikou, the romantic coastal garden city, Max has witnessed the great changes here and has been heartfeltly promoting Hainan to the world.

Responsible editor: 陳書敏
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