Pastoral charm of the fields in Hainan

The National Day holiday is going to be end. The weather is fine in Hainan during the holiday. Tourism activities like rural sightseeing, countryside cycling, and having the farmhouse food, become more and more popular, leading the new fashion of Hainan tourism.

"If you only know about going to the beach in Hainan, then you are really out of date. Rural villages here are truly full of fun," Haikou citizen Guan Na shared her countryside trip on Wechat platform. Guan Na with a few friends took a vacation in Luo Shuai Village of Baisha. The beauty of view and tasty food made them impressive.

Pastoral villages, Charming fishing villages, Relaxing lives of rural...many ways to enjoy a rural trip

The tourists would enjoy a leisure time in West Island Fishing Village, Tianya District, Sanya City like the mottled coral stone wall, the slow time in the library, the leisurely wandering in the Cultural Industry Pavilion, the enthusiasm of the owner of the B&B, etc. It is endowed with unique natural scenery and humanistic customs. Hainan has attracted a large number of tourists, especially the B&Bs. Li Juan, a tourist from Hunan, chose to live in the fishing village. She went diving or taking a motorboat in the scenic area during the daylight, staying at the hotel in the evening. She tried various seafood caught by the local fishermen, and then listened to the ocean tides to fall asleep. The next day, she slowly strolling around the fishing village to touch the mottled coral stone wall and listen to the story of the West Island female militia. The library on the beach gave her a big surprise: "The three boats next to each other are arranged in a library, a tea room, and a boat hotel. The fishing boat is gently waved on the tides. The sea breeze blows when you read a book. It is really worthy to experience it once."

Beside the charm of fishing village, there is also art

In Nanqiang Village, Boao Town, Qionghai City, Phoenix Inn is quite bustling in these days. From the perspective of  the tourists, they rent a whole B&B with a yard that they can enjoy a peaceful time in countryside, and experience personalized accommodation different from other hotels. Nanyang-style old colored glaze windows, wooden doors, shrines, carved wooden bed, and  dressing table create a sense of time traveling to the past. “Guests who live in the B&B can explore the world-class works of art in the village. They can read in the shared bookstore in the evening, and they can also go painting and writing in the art salon. We hope to get the emotional resonance of the visitors through the unique connotation and culture of the village. Visitors may have different holiday experiences here,” said Shi Qingjie, head of Phoenix Inn.

The local culture is undoubtedly attractive. The distinctive rural tourist attractions have gradually become popular for tourists to take a leisure vacation.

Responsible editor: 丁昕
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This is Hainan

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